For the record, I am no one, but awkwardusername.

There is my dream of owning a DSLR camera but there is the problem of obtaining enough money to do that. That is, I love to take pictures of almost anything as I have photography as a hobby (when I have a camera).

I am but a student of Computer Science at a university I honor and bid my life to. I do make epic (accept that) literature from time to time but as I have said, I am nothing but a student of the aforementioned.

I listen to music and I have a wide preference over such. There is but an exception for the fact that I do not listen to Hip-hop and Rap. I believe such forms of earcrap (shit) is not music. And I bid sorry for those that I may have displeased over my statement.

As for why I have established this anthology of weird and senseless essays, songs, and rhetoric, there is no prompt reason. As I could quote in an essay I have wrote:

nullified, i aimlessly fire my words. i write, such pointless literature. with no particular reason, i caress my canvas and brush my uncollected mind towards nothingness.

Please do not be confused as to what the real meaning of my words ensue. As it was, it is only words of prose and fiction. Tied to an abstract model of pseudo-random thought, I write with the general assumption that the reader (you) won’t need to analyze each paragraph and think about “why the hell is * the title of this article?!?”

As for me, do not ask. The titles of my post are the first word(s) that come into mind when I have the will to write anything in the page [in which, doesn’t happen very often :(]. Discouraging the inherently melancholic smiley, I should be happy that you (if ever) happen to drop by my part of the internet.

As for any reason, you may want to ask anything of the sort, you may do it in comments (below) or in my non-serious blog @

Moreover, I would like to salute you for reading until this paragraph (in which I cannot consider a sentence for the reason that it is disconnected from the previous, and it has this long parenthesized uneducated remark).

From chaos, with love,


PS: I put some organized (non-schizophrenic) thought into this. Congratulate me.



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