I hadn’t had any sleep,
In bed I can only weep.
I was beside you all along,
But it felt like everything is wrong.

Today is the day that it will end,
My dreams, my fantasies, my doubts to amend.
You asked, “Is everything okay?”
I looked at you and I had nothing to say.

I laid myself bare,
Drops of water chilled my skin without care.
This pain I think I could bear,
Tormented, my forethought I wish I could share.

“No, it doesn’t have to come to this.”
“Yes, we could have done something, but it’s her I miss.”
“But you told me `I love you`, isn’t that supposed to be true?”
“But I love her more, I’m sorry it wasn’t you.”

I packed my things, and looked at your ring I wore.
“You’ll keep it?” I replied, “No, I’ll sell it at a store.”
“Well, it’s okay, I’ll have mine intact.”
It hurt, “I think I’ll give it back -“, “No – it is a broken pact.”

“I’m sorry, yet we’ve made this far,”
“I forgive you.” You told me, and that would be my deepest scar.
“Remember those days where we went to the ocean with your friends?”
“But I can only imagine how blue the seas when you confessed.”

“I…” the words, came so slow,
“You don’t have to say anything now.”
I came close to you. You didn’t move an inch.
I kissed you on the lips – my tongue, you pinched.

“I’ll be happy if you’ll just hold me like this.”
“But you’ll never be back, and my arms, would be of his.”
“Why did we have to fall with each then?”
“I ask the same.” and she is with a married man.

“This is such a mess we are in.”
“But this mess, I cherish within.”
An embrace, we slowly let go,
Of a sin, a burden we tow.
I bought a ticket, to a station that did not exist,
Crossing the yellow line, the train I missed.



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