concise instructions for murdering your imaginary friend

You liar, you fool:

Your twisted truths compose the psalms of your digression;
disillusioned, factual fornication and informational discombobulation;

Recreate – the steps of the faultiness of your actions, mistakes, nil of desperation and regret;
as to force reality to realize the wrongfulness of its judgements.
Listen to the sounds of your inner soliloquy and scream the vagueness of your individuality –
empty, the world will be devoid of silence and they will hear your naive cries –

The demented cries of the lamented, an angel descends upon those who awaken;
To cut the throats of the willful forsaken.

Paint them with the colors of your sensual spirituality and inner deviance; the tainted hues of subdued want and saturated lust. Ink your linen with rage and destruction. Fuel your creativity with the deaths of your anti-faction. All whilst indulging in the infinite depth of your incalculable desires. Bewitch the canvas with the arousal of your pen. With each stroke, climax, and execute extreme euphoria. With each thrust, sublime, and sense maximum pleasure.

Justified, pornographic holiness – the results of the progression of your subliminal creation – the final form of your carnality.



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