Remarks pt. 2

Oh. Apparently they’re going to jail.

Now what. Happy now? Or you want to hope to replace them with your self-righteous deeds, biased opinions, and fallacious arguments?

Did you know what is the problem? Did you help solve anything at all?

Have you ever looked at yourself? Have you realized that you aren’t doing anything at all to help anybody at all?

Is there anything you can do aside from whining on how corrupt the goddamn government is now while enjoying your three times a day meal, a nice bed to sleep on, a complete set of appliances, a good education, a mother, a father, friends, and the liberty of free speech?

Why don’t we all shut up and think. Why don’t we all stand up and work. Why don’t we all open our eyes, listen with our ears, and walk with our own two feet. We shouldn’t care about anything else. We should be happy for what we already have. We should be satisfied.

But that cannot be possible. We’re humans after all. We are alive, and as long as we are alive, we won’t be satisfied. So what should we do? Die? Is that even an option? It’s actually funny, because no sane person wants to. You dont want to. You can’t solve anything at all. Nothing will be changed.

So yes. Celebrate. For tomorrow, everything will get back to what once had been the past. Because nothing will be different.

At least, for you and your asshat beliefs and predicaments.

No, you will not see change. You will not be satisfied. You will still live on, and be the self-righteous being the world does not need.

No thanks for your existence.



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