On your fake families. On your fake friends. On your fake husband and wife. On your fake children. On your fake relationships. On your fake makeup. On your fake lifestyle. On your fake stories. On your fake literature. On your fake knowledge and wisdom. On your fake advancement to life.

For every morning you wake up alive, because you hadn’t had a heart attack, you hadn’t been stabbed, you hadn’t been raped to death, you hadn’t been shot in the head by a stray bullet – in your sleep.

For every slice of meet you eat to satisfy your hunger, because it had to live, and die to serve its purpose.

For each promise you have broken. For each coin you took from someone else’s purse. For each insect and animal you have killed. For each plastic bottle you’ve thrown in the middle of the highway. For each unfinished plate you’ve eaten. For each corner and wall you have pissed on. For each beggar you have turned a blind eye to. For each person you have cursed at. For each exam you have cheated to pass. For each official you have bribed. For each person you have hurt physically, mentally, and emotionally. For each step you took forward to bring everybody off-course.


For every time you inhale, you deprive every one of air. For every time you speak, you deprive every one of a chance to hear a better sound. For every time you stood still, you deprive every one of space.

Congratulations. For being born.



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