Stasis. The un-movement of thought,
     Newborn, fluctuating ideas of naught.
Corrugated staircases
Unnatural movement
Sounds of undefined frequencies
Questionable ideas of creation,
     Curated, a museum of daunting confusion.
Broken mirrors
Unwritten narratives
Sensations of passionate madness
Titillating, moans of silence,
     Halting, a fast-forward of silence.
Dark pathways
Reminiscing moments
Preparing final messages
Tears, flowing, forgotten sadness,
     Ink, fulfilling, spaces of loneliness.
Freedom from selfishness
Freedom from happiness
Slow, curious steps of indecisiveness,
     Holding, the options of continuance.
Corrugated staircases; unnatural movement – forceful self-affliction.
A leap of assured termination,
     Red, tainted floors of damnation.


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