Descending, this is the path to cessation. Damned, where righteousness and morality will pay no heed for your actions. Destroyer, summoning all evil henceforth, we call it Eternal.

Follow us, and feel the core of your darkness. Feel us, and know the indifference of your perception to malevolence. Feed us the rotting flesh of your abomination.

Arisen from the halls of the damned they call for your crucifixion, as they washed themselves with the blood of your impure being, they shouted for eternal damnation. What is there to say as you have killed their faith with your revelations? There is no such reason for salvation – you say, and you have proved the end of their god as a thesis.

The genesis of every being you called existence, the end of what it seems to be death – I write the last of your first exposes. The truth of everything, the reason for nothing. Beautiful, they chant the most horrifying of words as they crawl on white, untainted sheets of permanence. The last and only argument for the question of the universe.

Repetition, this is the process of creation. Revolve, where lies and rejection paint the character of your recognition. Reaper, collecting all souls henceforth, we call it Obsidian.

Do not listen to the voices of which you believe will save you. Empty are their promises, and null are the merits of their prophecies. Astray, the lives of which they prune are assured to meet desperation.

Preaching the unbelievers, you told them of the word. Miracles, you showed them the impossible. From death, you defied logic and reason. They followed your incessant steps to divination – channeling the rivers of holiness, you made yourself the omnipotent.

This is the end of your suffering. Open your eyes and let me show you enlightenment. This is the only answer to your question. This is the only reason for your causes. You shall never waiver, you shall never look down. Begin the abolition of the inconsistent. End the reproduction of the unqualified. Be the harbinger of transformation as we begin to start the great cleansing of all of existence.

Emerge – as a new god of the universe.



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