The end was about to begin. They can’t be together forever. The stage is all set. All that was left is for the performers to display their prowess. She then bid her last goodbyes with a kiss, a kiss of death. They parted hands and drawn their swords against each other. A silent breeze passed on, and the sun began to set, and things, set into motion.

It was a desolate place, unbeknownst to man, a pitiful creature appeared. A monster of scorn and regret, superficial, it tore down every object the world can distinguish. Reborn, the filth of man consumed the very core of the earth. Nothing lay in its wake, not even their so called god. It was, death, no. It was inexistence.

Fulfilled, the hero woke up from her dreams. She was ready to take down that abomination. With heavenly might, she called down hope, and it rained fire upon the monster. With nascent beams, she shot through the seemingly unscrupulous armor. The beast cried in pain, and it began to disintegrate. A dazzling array of red was exhumed.

The abomination was gone. Humanity was saved. All rejoiced. All but the hero who stood upon the monster’s remains. She kneeled down and put her sword aside the beast’s carcass. She cried aloud, albeit silently. She had accepted of her fate, yet, it was painful. The dust that was blown away by the wind had been her most precious possession, the only object, once a living being, that made the reason for her singularity.

Darkness. Evil echoed from the deepest parts of her heart. This isn’t the finale that she desired. The act is still far from finished. She has yet to make the climax. She has yet to create the turning point. She has yet to make the ending that she wanted. She then desired for destruction. She then desired for death. With futility, she picked up her sword and plunged it into the rejoicing humans. A dazzling array of red was exhumed. She thought it was beautiful. She yearned for more. She killed each and every one of them.

Until no cries were heard, she stabbed the hearts of all those who was living.




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