in the apostasy of your belief of ghosts

the clock, the ticking, it is maddening.
reserved startling, forever burning.
submissive, possessive, agressive writing.
creative pornographic colors of killing.

display. the visual forms of silence and apathy.
corrective glasses, shifting abnormality and reality.
the subverter of anarchy.

the foolish, the villain, identified.
pages classified, life electrified.
sorrowful, spiteful, words amplified.
dazzling showers of the skies unmodified.

dismay. a collective array of lies and invention.
assertive arguments, pre-determined calculation.
the original equation.

repetition, an absurd pattern of compilation.
not a solution, mechanical abortion.

sublime, correcting every path from unreprieve
I am the one you will believe

continuous, nonsense, will dominate.
shadows, masks, will propagate.
preparing the path of the un-illiterate.
the solitary philosophy incarnate.

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