Solemn green treetops ascend from the hallway is straight and polished there was a crowd in a room answering a question on the glazed white board she slaps her stick on the table when someone is snoring continuing the ordeal of required learning it became silent hearing the sound of someone breath slowly inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale I change my posture from slouching to straighten up my thoughts she has wrinkled eyebrows while preparing the test for today last night she might have drank a liter of coffee when suddenly a book fell down on the floor I gazed on the window it became dark on the faraway horizon was an unfinished construction of a dream of a group of existences soaring high with windows and bricks and mortars a bird flew out of sight it is almost 3PM and I haven’t had anything to eat today is the second day of the Georgian week last night I saw the moon in its fullest while I adored its beauty but I caught someone staring at me… I was caught in the flow and I was disturbed by a series of numbers scribbled on the wall she told us to bring out our calculators but I don’t have a bag with me as tissues and papers were found on the hinges of the joints of the desks but suddenly she was angry because of their scorn towards an announcement of a test to be taken next week it is still noisy outside inside is dull and boring I guess I have nothing to do but stare at the oscillating ceiling fans orbiting in motion like a planet rotating around its axis I love science because it is my favorite subject my socks are wearing away and I noticed that my shoes are dirty I blink and blink my eyes I guess I am tired watching and being awake all night while entertaining myself to fantastical disappointments of a failed guess of a romantic pair to be, must be, their role of the writer and the director putting them together created the misconception of the fact that they have to be lovers like the usual cliche in movies and dramas I noticed I was running out of time I edit my thoughts in a stream of corrugated unorganized thoughts I was not listening I ask myself the reason for everything she was still enraged they are still boisterous I am still writing until now.



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