A Thought for Dissarrangement

Conjure a made up face; Destroy the previous phase.
Connect the division of the two horizons; Divert the rays of the sun.
Hypothesize, realize the unknown fact of lies.
Criticize, inhale the corpse of rotten flies.
The particles of uninvited atomic bombs will assault you.
The metal shells of explosive powder exhume.
Streamlined, as the northern winds assume, your inner soul, sung out of tune.
The axis of your irregularity reproaches your wants,
Integral, your very insanity haunts.
The decay of your creation,
Corrupted, amidst no salvation.
A policy of dying for a newborn deformity,
Compound, stellar, melodic dancing.
An argument of superficial ambiguity,
Diluted, mechanical, abrupt singing.
Paint yourself with nothingness, a dear resolution of oneness.
Appear before the mirror of the soulless, a contract for the bodiless.


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