If I told you I like you, would you like me too? Would you even care? Could you do everything for me? Will you be there when I need you? Will you love me as I am right now?


If you were to leave me now, would you have no doubts at all? Did those moments we shared together are of no worth for you? I gave my all, and do all of them were utterly futile? Did you lie when you said you love me? Did you ever liked me at all?


Have you really forgotten? We did fun things you know? We’ve known each other for a long time now. But as it seem, you now don’t recognize me as someone you have always known. I am dead to your eyes.


I couldn’t bear the fact that even though you are with me right now, It is as though you were a thousand miles away. I could see you but I can’t feel you. I now start to question the existence of our oneness. Are we even together?


Colorful it once were, monochrome as it is today. Solemness I cannot conceive, melancholy I cannot bear. With such filled smiles you gave me hope, with such empty words, you left me darkness.


I will not take back my words. What I said is true, and it was from the bottom of my heart. But you will not see me anymore. You will not hold me anymore. You will not hold me anymore. I will be something from your past. A crude hazy memory.


With this last words, I beg of you. Hurt me no more. Release me from your indulgence. Unbind me from your fake passion. At least, give me my freedom.




But I digress. I am true to who I am to you. My eternal creed. Of which I shall persevere, my death will not be enough to break us apart. I abhor my thoughts, my body, my soul. If it were possible I could live without them.


I shall only contain my love for you. A pure, untarnished love. With  this, I will become love itself. Desiring only to fill you with myself. To have me in your life.


As long as you will, then I shall exist.






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