Pt. 1

i live in a blank world of infinite paths. paths which route to nothing, therefore, entering a path will lead you only to inexistence.

forever i am bound in this inescapable dream. sullen, i drown in the depths of darkness.

apathy, i call upon the immaterial.

surreal. abstract. lies.

with that, i continue to fail to trust the world. i still hold the belief that the world is not real. i can be sure that death is the only path to truth.

however, i am afraid of the truth. i am even confused as to which truth is real.

there might not be truth at all.

after all, no one, can rightfully tell the truth.


 Pt. 2

at present, the truth is only defined by general acceptance. explanations and proofs are only persuasion. algorithms are made to be followed as to meet the problem result and requirement.

we can now come to the conclusion that we are forced existences. we have been predefined. we are not of our free will. still, that isn’t the truth.

there is no truth at all.

so what becomes of this?


every word that has been said carries no thought and meaning.

everything then has been useless.

false, broken.



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