I would like to ask.

Floor. The cold, static plane. Unmodified.

A question, that is.

Visual apathy. Non-discordance. Forlorn apt conjectures.

An inquiry, of you would define.

A colloquial tesseract. Cordial vector substitutionality.

A statement follows.

An argument arise.

Is there really an answer to the question?

The divinity of definition.

The recreation of abnormality.

The rigorous process of concatenation.

The construction of chaos.

There is none that I knew of.

Silence. Stillness. Absent.

I could still make an opinion.

Rejection of qualified proof.

Was there even a question?

Existence. Undefined.

There is; nothing.

The undenial.

Was there even evidence of such?

The classical example.

There is; no proof.

The collection.

The archives.

I am not confused.

You are discombobulated.

Mirrors as reflections of darkness.

Corpses as meanings of life.

The actual illusion.

Therefore, there is no need.

To ask.

To know.

Solemn. Beautiful. Appalling.

There is only one more statement.

The Foolish. Do not understand.



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