The Birth of the Underworld

abrupt noise is coming out of my veins
violently flowing
screeching, screaming
gasping for intoxication.

the otherworldy calm suffice
portruding arrows rain the skin of the sky
corrupted foundations of instability
explicit correlation of rationality
fluids spewing out of a ruptured space
everything follows.

dissident rivers of mechanical blood overcome
pure darkness of light overflow
the composition of nothingness nullified

imposing invisibility of archaic thoughts materialized.
the ardent night of neverending oppression.
the blistering dawn of neutrality.

disinterest in the current train of thought
such statements are then destroyed
for the sake of a new creation.

a new child with unecessary eyes was born
a new form of absence was brought upon
a new element of singularity
a new hope of desolation
a new formula for the end of everything.


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