death by information

the gravity of air envelops an excited ball of matter in such false momentum. such determination is applied integrally, resonated onto the palpitating gorges of light, an extreme performance of vibrating pressurization. threads of what we call defamation sews the entire infrastructure of solid elasticity. a stinging wave of thoroughness blinds the entire corrupted coordination of hammers and nails.
the rain of chaos, the implosion of energy, the earthquake of bits and bytes; those that continue to alter the world as we know it.

meaningless, numbers, injection, materialization

what lies after everything is done? what lies after everything disappears?

life is falsity.

death is truth.

contradiction is necessary.

agreement is an illusion.

independence is impossible.

manipulation is a must.

onward! fire! desolate! impale!
survival is not impossible, but vanity is assured.

the spinning wheels of flames and fire, igniting torrents of slick heavy water.others follow, those who follow meets genesis.
reformation. the morphing of normality. hollow. filled emptiness. optional. the only remaining form of freedom. idempotence. mirroring errors.

molds. food filled with molds. unclean. filthy. unbecoming. disgraceful.hatred.

society filled with hatred. unclean. filthy. unbecoming. disgraceful.

disorder. thought filled with disorder. unclean. filthy. unbecoming. disgraceful.

all is proclaimed. everything is predefined. the reality is programmed.

what is the question?

dreaming the reality.

the absurdity of normality.

seeking the inexistent.

all is done. everything is destroyed. the reality is doomed.



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