4:56 AM..

Monday, February 28, 2011.

it’s the same. nothing really was of interest. i can expect that the day would pass, even without knowing its existence. i sit, in front of my screen, thinking…

like before, i am going nowhere.. as i continue my journey to emptiness, what can i expect to see?

a black void. a rudimentary world. an opaque sky.

these things are the only ones existent in my thoughts. furthermore,

i am satisfied.


The world tells me i am not. Then what is going on with my view of the world? is it wrong? is it just?

I don’t know. besides, what i know, defines my truth.

falsity does not exist in my thought.

it can only be true, or wrong.


One thought on “contemplation

  1. Really, I should’ve seen this before….my gosh, at least your blog was interesting enough. Mine’s garbage from failed union of the mind.


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