i have been longing for the future, waiting for time to decay, all, fading away, drowning…

I want to see it, the things that will happen…for i know of nothing to predict… Time had cut me the ability of doing this, in the world where it is possible for impossible to exist… Thus, if it is such, the definition of impossible carries the truth of it being exact and correct, therefore possible…

Man had searched for truth ever since its creation… He has defined the world, the present reality, and existence itself… There has been no limit to what he has to know because what he knows are things that have been created by himself. Using the mind, conscience, thought, he stood on a world defined by his very existence.

As reality was molded, man discovered flaws in it. Not everything conformed to his desires. Then came the fact that the world has its own mind, conscience, thought, and thus, existence… He came to realize that he had only defined everything…

There came the idea that there must be someone who came before the world, created it together with mind, conscience, thought, and existence…

Am i dreaming? Man had defined things relating to life, but had he realized if he really exists not as a part of another existence?

What if we are asleep?

Is the reality we are in omniscient? Is it the real reality or is it a dimension created together with another, in which thru our present state we cannot know?

I don’t really care. It is because of the fact that, the answer itself is:

“a thing in which i will never know, for if i will know, such shall defy the existence of the mind, conscience, thought, and existence itself.”



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