the world is a habitat of creatures who are rational, otherwise, irrational beings.. Humans are the rational ones, the one with a mind of their own, capable of deciding on their own free will. Free agents as they are called.. They watch the world. They observe the world in their own perspective. They apprehend, forming ideas from the massive collation of data assimilated by their senses.. From their ideas they make things, things that would satisfy their thirst, their hunger, and their longing for understanding the world. Their reality.

I watch them think. I look at their decisions. I see them concieve. I contemplate at their ideas which are put into motion. I discern them as a human.

Now what does it make out of me? A speck in the universe? A hallucination of reality? No.

I am but a human.

Limited by my own weaknesses, judged by the existence of other beings, a man of free will, egotistic in nature, but pure at heart.

I am but a human.



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