why i am here?

for some reason, i started blogging on wordpress. I think i am bored. I think i just lack some sleep. I think i just want to do someting and it is a thing that i want to know.

As a human, i think. I think about the things that exist in the apparent reality. I think about how the world took it’s place in my thoughts. I think about what to think.

I am writing this blog, at 2:39 am. I haven’t had sleep. I do not want to. I want to watch time as it runs in my brain. I see the world running in my perspective. I only see it as it is seen by my senses.

How about the others? The ones with a different view of the earth. The ones who also think. The ones with senses, not like mine.

I exist. I exist as a part of my reality. I exist as a part of my world.

Do the ones exist also? I don’t know. If they exist, it is existence in a way that i could never understand.

If you exist, let me know, so i can be part of your reality.



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