We are all but human, but then again, we are human; a limitation on being limitless.



For which I have been condemned on happiness, but then rain fell –

And the rain,

Is soothing.

chaos in dreams

It was a random thought, to have you enter my life – with a simple gesture I did not know what would imply.

There sprung a random conversation, which turned out to be a fruitful exchange of encouragement and advise. It was fulfilling. I was weirdly elated and happy.

Everyday, we talk – about random things – things we thought was not important. Spending hours each day to open up ourselves, as if we’ve known each other for years.

I play songs at random, a shuffled playlist with songs we sing to each other, with heartfelt lyrics we seem to relate to.

Places we told at random, for which we long to go and be in each other’s company – the places I wish I would’ve took you with me.

Random slips of concern and affection – of which came to be natural – a mutual understanding of comfort in each other’s presence.

Of all these things, I realized I was fulfilled – that you have become a reason for making sense out of the randomness of life. You have become something I need and want – so as to put order in the chaos of feelings I am experiencing right now.

But then we both know that we’re hundreds of miles away – and yet I can feel your warmth.

I always wake up hoping that you were here. That I can hear you, that I can see you. That I can feel you, that I can touch you.

This ardent longingness – I have been counting the days when I will meet you – so we can recreate this seemingly dreamy encounters and have us believe that we, are real.


I’ll walk across the sandbar,

and trace a pair of footsteps

and watch the setting sun

the rays of which stream on your face –

an orange pale hue

for which the darkness, will set

and everything disappears.

the salaryman

as we part and say goodbye
you gave me three kisses and that’s fine
I’ll drink with myself our favorite wine
remembering the nights where we entwine

clothes fall off to the tune of a nocturne
you pushed me back and made me your throne
warm bodies dance and I felt you swoon
our lips caress we moan and groan

alas, I felt up my pocket and there begone
realizing it’s empty, my money there was none
time has ran out, I think I’d have to run
I excused myself, she grabbed the gun


flickering lights
fleeting background noises
clicking, tapping, furious mechanical singing
an apt display of living in the moment
thinking, feeling, intense problem solving
brimming aromatic essence
cold winds